Innovation for Retail

The key is flexibility and an open system that lives up to its name. Our innovative approach to POS allows the retailer to run the same application under Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS devices. This allows the retailer to decide what system best fits its needs, while preserving complete flexibility for the future. This flexibility is a result of the OmniPOS System's three-tier architecture, implemented in CMA's POS since 1987, well before the technique became popular in the mainstream. This three-tier design allows our software to run on a wide variety of hardware, from legacy POS registers to the iPod Touch®. Again, the choice is open to the retailer, who can pick the presentation, platform, and infrastructure that most cost-effectively meets its needs. OmniPOS is designed to meet the needs of retailers, not of vendors wishing to sell an extensive suite of products that provide little or no benefit to daily operation.

Our selection of the "Ruby on Rails" Web Development Framework allows our Back Office software and our many web-enabled supporting applications to easily run on any browser-based device.

Our innovative approach to retail software has been rewarded by repeated top showings in the innovation category of the RIS Software Leadboard. In 2010, we were voted "#1 – Leaders in Technology Innovation by Tier One Retailers."

Cornell-Mayo Associates Innovation