The Omnicentralâ„¢ host management and reporting suite provides a role-based dashboard to central office personnel. Management, Help Desk, and Network personnel can see the data that is important to them. The dashboard can display "watch" and "audit" panes, sales panes and key system metrics such as the trickle poll and credit status. Since store data is constantly trickled to the host, an up-to-the-minute view of what is happening throughout the chain is available.

The architecture deploys "sensors" to each store that monitor and "pitch" desired information to the "catchers" running centrally. This allows for the easy addition of new information-gathering functions within the system.

Omnicentral provides a chain-wide view of store status, sales, credit, communications status, file transfer status, opening and closing information and other key indicators for management/help desk/network control staff, presented in an easy to evaluate graphical format. Based on the profile and role of the user, different information can be presented. Information is trickled from stores through the day. Omnicentral can be accessed from any web browser with connectivity to the central server, including a portable device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android. All information is presented within the browser and is dynamically refreshed.