Multi-Platform Point-of-Sale Software
OmniPOS was designed to meet the needs of retailers for a low-cost, reliable, and state-of-the-art POS system. A key consideration in the design of the system was to use technology that would avoid complexity and expense in operating and managing the stores. CMA believes that by allowing the greatest number of options for deployment, the total cost of ownership can be minimized. OmniPOS facilitates the use of technology for which an adequate ROI can be demonstrated and permits the introduction of thin clients where there is no justification for a thick client.

The key is flexibility and an open system that lives up to its name. OmniPOS allows the retailer to run the same application under Windows, Windows CE, Linux, and Apple iOS devices. This allows the retailer to decide what system best fits its needs, while preserving complete flexibility for the future. This flexibility is a result of the OmniPOS System's three-tier architecture, implemented in CMA's POS since 1987, well before the technique became popular in the mainstream. This three-tier design allows our software to run on a wide variety of hardware, from legacy POS registers to the iPod Touch®. Again, the choice is open to the retailer, who can pick the presentation, platform, and infrastructure that most cost-effectively meets its needs. OmniPOS is designed to meet the needs of retailers, not of vendors wishing to sell an extensive suite of products that provide little or no benefit to daily operation.

A Long Life
OmniPOS was also designed to allow a long useful life for installed registers. Because of its efficient design and tight code, OmniPOS uses minimal resources, requiring a minimal hardware footprint, and insures that a register installed with OmniPOS will have a long useful life. If the newly installed store system requires the absolute top processor available today, how long will it be before necessary fixes, program changes, and other evolutionary developments require an upgrade? Point-of-sale is unique in the expected life of installed hardware, which our experience has shown can be ten years or greater. The store environment is not the office environment, where upgrades are both less expensive and easier to deploy. In point-of-sale, the peripherals cost more than the computer, and the service cost of a store visit is high. These factors work against frequent replacements in the field. Accordingly, it is essential that the installed system not require upgrades. OmniPOS, due to its excellent performance, is best positioned to insure this. Performance of the system is excellent, including fast updates to PLU at any time, even while the store is open. The system is highly scaleable, and operates in the largest stores with no difficulty. The largest store running CMA's POS software contains 380 registers, and many stores run with hundreds of registers. Performance statistics are available that clearly demonstrate the unsurpassed performance advantage that OmniPOS has when compared with competitive products.

One of the Few Proven High Volume Store Solutions
OmniPOS and CMA are installed in hundreds of department stores and mass merchandisers on a variety of operating systems. Our system supports price files of millions of items with very rapid price updates and instant-on/instant-off door-buster sales.

High-Touch, High-Service Functionality: Information Everywhere
OmniPOS allows multiple sub-transactions within one transaction and tendering sequence. The associate can combine sales, returns, and multiple sends going to ten different locations, all within a single transaction. The tax due on sends is automatically calculated based upon the merchandise type and destination. If a rate table is available, the delivery fee can be calculated based on the type of service.

A send can have various flavors, all selected with a few simple touches/keystrokes and in a seamless transaction flow. It can be a send purchaser, and the purchaser's address will automatically be inserted into the transaction from the database. It can be a send recipient, and the purchaser's family and friends will automatically be searched for their names and addresses. If a gift occasion, it can be automatically added to gift history for that family member. It can be a store send, or a send from another location with an inventory check, which will generate the information necessary to have the item sent and log any necessary reservation information. Taxability is automatically computed for each separate send based upon the destination address and retailer's nexus in that state.

Gift receipts can be produced for any and all items, even after the transaction is completed. Multiple gift receipts can be produced in a single transaction. Comments may be added to any transaction at both the item and transaction level to record important additional information. Assist salespersons may be added to the transaction to handle split commissions.

Data Integrity
In addition to excellent performance, insuring data integrity was a key design point. Writes are committed to the server immediately so that the possibility of lost data is minimized. From there the data can be trickled to the host. OmniPOS writes everything immediately, reducing risk, yet still outperforms the competition. Price information is always immediately available in the event of a power outage or other situations. No other company can make these claims about its POS product.