Cornell-Mayo has leap-frogged our competition by being the first to offer Store Systems Anywhere™. It's a bold step forward in technology. CMA's Service Oriented Architecture allows it to deliver its systems using the power of Ruby on Rails. This high-productivity web-enabled framework has generated a lot of discussion and is the hottest development environment there is.

XML, DHTML, AJAX, and more...
Omnistore™ uses web technologies like XML, DHTML, AJAX, and SOAP, along with the data acess enabled by Rails to provide Store level and Enterprise level views of store systems. Now, store sales data and application control can be delivered anywhere.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that offers incredible boosts to programmer productivity. Rails is described as the "killer app" for Ruby by Ruby's creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto. You can check out that quote and others at the website.

Omnistore delivers store systems anywhere they need to be. Store systems can be accessed anywhere a browser can run with a secure link, including an iPod Touch, Android or other portable device.

The Omnistore browser provides familiar access to applications, data, and reporting using techniques learned while surfing the web.

Training is easy when users are faced with the familiar "click and view" environment. Users drill-down and navigate using links just as they would on any website.

The Omnistore front-end is more than a web interface. It's a complete framework with an easy-to-use and attractive front end that's easily modified.

Omnistore is completely compatible with earlier CMA implementations, providing a migration strategy for current customers.