Philosophically Different

We wanted a truly open approach that supports highly productive development. We also wanted a migration strategy that separates the hardware decision from the software decision so retailers can run new software on both old and new hardware. Choosing .NET or JAVA has no benefit other than wedding the developer to these platforms. These options make it impossible to run on older hardware. .NET runs only on Microsoft. While JAVA will run on Windows, since .NET is implicitly there, two large stacks are required to be resident, meaning only the most modern systems, loaded with memory and CPU can use the software. Our POS is very efficient and runs on more (and leaner) platforms than any other solution. It provides a modern architecture available on any device. We run large department stores with a single server, and server disk and memory utilization is under 10%. No customer has ever required a register upgrade in our history (Servers have been periodically refreshed). Our C++ POS Sales code, in combination with our Presentation Layer being divorced from our Business Logic, gave us the first true "Write it Once, Run it Anywhere" POS solution. By not adopting .NET or Java, we are able to move rapidly in directions our competitors cannot. Recently, we were able to quickly port our Sales application to the Apple iPod and iPad simply because we were not committed to .NET or Java, neither of which are available on the platform. All of our competitors needed to write new apps for the devices. We only had to port our existing code.

Our adoption of Ruby on Rails allows us the same advantages from a Server perspective. It's lightweight and rapid development environment allows us to run our entire Back Office in a Browser with no other Client software required to be installed. It is portable to Windows, Linux, Apple, or Android, provides implicit AJAX support, and delivers a flexible and intuitive user interface. Since it is a scripting language, the same tools are used for development, implementation and update of the product. Our Ruby on Rails developers agree that it is the best development environment they have ever worked with. It is one of the most popular languages in use today. It performs equally well on older and newer platforms. We recently implemented Omnistore, written in Ruby on Rails, on existing hardware at Stage. CMA has always believed in investment protection, a concept that has disappeared among our competitors, who have chosen tools and architectures that make it impossible. The CMA migration strategy makes no compromises, and regardless of the hardware, the customer always runs the latest software.