Omniwatch Returns Management helps retailers automate the returns process, while ensuring that returns are legitimate and not fraudulent. By providing real-time access to sales and returns history, the solution prevents the return of stolen merchandise and post voided items and prevents items from being returned more than once. Use of the system insures that returns are done at the correct selling price, with the correct tax, that commissions are properly reported, and that refunds are given in the preferred tender.

The system supports complex transactions, including sales, partial returns and exchanges. Transactions can be located by scanning the receipt bar code, or by credit/debit card number or gift card number implementing a rules based return process with or without receipt.

Omniwatch Returns Management not only gives retailers the upper hand in combating fraud but also improves the consumer's return experience. With this technology, customers can buy in one store and return in another; return merchandise with or without receipts and be assured of receiving the correct price when returning items.

• Returned merchandise accountability

• Return at the correct selling price

• Refund to correct tender

• Rules based with or without receipt

• Support for complex transactions

• Multiple lookup criteria