Product List

A versatile and full-featured point-of-sale solution incorporating the Plug-In Checkstand™, a three-tier architecture that enables support for a wide variety of hardware and operating system combinations.

A framework using web-based standards (AJAX, XML, DHTML, SOAP, CSS) to deliver back office store systems anywhere they need to be. Any device capable of running a browser can now deliver access to your store systems and data.

Omnicentral offers a chain-wide view of sales, credit, file transfer status, opening and closing information and other key indicators for the help desk/network control operations staff. It is an extension and add-on to Omnistore. All information is presented within the browser and is dynamically refreshed.

This is Mobile POS available for the iPod Touch. It uses the same code and business logic as OmniPOS, but is combined with the intuitive interface of the iPod Touch.

OmniPOS Mobile™
This is a portable handheld version available for Windows CE/Pocket PC based devices. It is intended for use in portable POS devices on a wireless LAN. It also uses the same code and business logic as OmniPOS.

This clientele system is designed to provide a customer database accessible in all business channels. As is the case with Omnistore , the system is cross-platform, designed to accommodate legacy systems, modern PC clients and handheld point-of-service devices. This system will provide extensive information about customers, and flexible queries available at the point of sale.

This cash-office management system includes safe balancing, till reconciliation, auditing of sales to actuals, and reconciliation of imbalances. It is tightly integrated with the POS system, greatly improving and simplifying the till management process.

Omniwatch™ Returns Management
Omniwatch Returns Management validates that merchandise is properly returned at the right price, with the right tax, and for the right customer. It validates that returns have not been previously made on the indicated item, and can also locate original sales without a receipt if a credit card, frequent shopper number, or other identifying information is available.

Omnilook™ Product Locator
The Omnilook Product Locator system will allow retailers to locate merchandise that might not be available in a particular color or size at a given location and sell it from another location. The system avoids lost sales due to out of stocks or misallocation of merchandise. It is designed to be an integral part of the sales transaction so that no hot-keying or redundant data entry is required in order to complete the sale.