Cornell-Mayo's OPUS Point-of-Sale software has been validated as Ready for IBM Retail Store Innovations. By using our POS software in conjunction with the IBM Store Integration Framework, where you sell is limited only by your imagination.

What is the Store Integration Framework?
It's a technology framework that allows quick deployment and integration. By offering open, standardized technology, the sharing of real-time data across the enterprise, throughout the store, and among devices becomes a reality. It helps to extend POS functionality anywhere.

How Do We Use it to Extend our POS?
By leveraging Web Services, and open XML-based interactions, we can extend our POS Business logic to any device and even allow it to be used by other applications. In this implementation, web-based transactions can be submitted through a browser. The transaction can be processed by our POS and the results returned to the user in that same browser. It means that our POS becomes "virtualized," capable of powering any transaction anywhere.

One of only four companies that conform to the ARTS IXRetal standard

Cornell-Mayo Associates is a proud supporter of ARTS and their efforts to reduce technology costs by providing standards. IXRetail (International XML Retail Cooperative) has built upon the ARTS Data Model to develop standard XML schemas and message sets to ease Application to Application (A to A) integration within a retail enterprise.

ARTS Conformance
CMA has previously used the ARTS Data Model to implement its OPUS/R™ Database Engine. Now, CMA joins a select group of retail technology providers who have gone through the IXRetail Conformance Process.

The IXRetail POSLog v2.1 Standard
The POSLog v2.1 Standard provides mapping for all standard POS Transaction Records. That means that the CMA TLOG can be translated to XML and that translated ouput can be used to populate any system. The translation can take place in real time so that a store's sales data can be made available to any system through the use of this open standard.

• IBM Store Integration Framework

• ARTS Data Model

• IXRetail POSLog v2.1